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12 - Dec - 2014

Jigsaw Trauma Training in Lincolnshire


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Trauma Training in the UK


When terrible things happen like road traffic collisions, accidents at work, incidents, personal, sexual, violent & domestic assaults and natural disasters, individuals react in different ways and have diverse perceptions of the incident and events. Responses can change as their symptoms heighten or the impact lessens. PTSD and related symptoms are just some of the responses that happen to some people.

Traumatised individuals tend to think they must be going mad as they battle with so much around them changing and not coping. As parents they may feel unable to parent and this thought process alone can debilitate their core being while they try to make some sense of what is happening. Updated research now means that trauma specialists have effective therapy techniques that can be delivered specifically and tailored to suit individual need in order to assist people in their recovery and restoration.

We all have similarities, however, every person, client or otherwise is a unique individual - how we react is as individual and unique as a pebble on a beach, it is important therefore to be proficient in recognising the different symptoms and responses of traumatised individuals such as: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Acute Stress, Burn Out, Prolonged Grief Patterns, Fears & Phobias and other reactions that may present in the space and time of therapy.

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"The eye is easily frightened"
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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